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The Clark Zapper has not been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration as a medical device for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. It can only be sold as an experimental device. If you are pregnant or wearing an electronic pacemaker, please do not experiment with a Clark Zapper. All information is for educational purposes only. Consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program. Dr. Hulda Clark defines a Zapper as any unit that generates a positive offset frequency between 10 Hz and 500,000 Hz using a 9-volt battery. For more information, please read the books by Hulda Clark.

Positive Offset Square Wave Clark Zapper

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Hulda Clark Zapper

Frequency Generation Dual Frequency Zapper circuit

What is a Zapper?

How do I zap?

How does zapping feel?

How often should I zap?

How do I test my Zapper?

Are these waterproof?

Do you carry wristbands?

Which Zapper should I get?

Why a 9-volt battery? Why not plug into a wall adapter?

Do I need a Zapper that emits all of the frequencies in Hulda Clark's list?

Can I use the Food Zappicator to zappicate teeth or any other part of my body?

What about parasites, bacteria, and viruses? Will this help with...?

Is there a guarantee or a warranty?

Can I get replacement parts?

Can I build my own Zapper?

Who shouldn't zap?

Can I zap in the hospital?

What is a Zapper? Research Scientist and Author, Dr. Hulda Clark invented a simple positive offset square wave frequency generator powered by a 9-volt battery and called it a Zapper. She wrote many books about zapping parasites which she believed was beneficial to boosting the immune system. Zapping is considered experimental, which means that the science has not been evaluated by the FDA. Read the latest books by Hulda Clark to learn about the many ways Dr. Clark experimented with a Zapper.

How do I zap? Set up the Hulda Clark Zapper as shown in the Zapper Basics Manual included. Wrap the copper pipes with one layer of paper towel, dampen with water, and grip in each hand. Turn the Zapper on and zap for three 7-minute sessions with 20-minute breaks in between. Sit, relax, and hold your arms to your sides while gripping the copper handles. Remember to keep hands apart so the zapper can penetrate. You can zap holding the handles using either frequency: the lower 1 kHz frequency is more aggressive, while the original 30 kHz setting is more comfortable. Most people zap using 30 kHz. Here is a video that shows you how to zap.

I don't feel anything when I use my Zapper, should I? Not really. Some people can feel a slight tingle, but most people don't feel a thing when they zap. There is no discomfort. Just sit, relax, and zap.

How often should I zap? Hulda Clark recommended daily zapping for beginners. Some people experience detox symptoms after zapping. If your symptoms are overwhelming, you may have to slow down and zap every other day until your symptoms ease. Once your body has adjusted to zapping and depending on the urgency of your situation, you may want to increase the duration of your zapping. Dr. Clark found that zapping for longer periods can be more effective. Some people zap 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 5 times or even more, perhaps on and off all day. When you are happy with your condition, you may choose to zap only as needed or once a week preventively.

How do I test my Zapper? It is smart to test your Zapper (especially a homemade zapper) if you question its output. All of our units are hand-tested just before they are shipped.

If you have access to an oscilloscope, set it to .5 volt division scale and hook up your Hulda Clark Zapper unit to see if it is emitting a positive offset square wave: this means that the waveform must be square and the bottom of the wave is at least 1/4 volt above the 0 point.

If you do not have access to an oscilloscope, you can obtain a digital multimeter which is a more common electronic equipment. You want a multimeter with a Hertz setting. Hook up your Hulda Clark Zapper unit to measure frequency (around 30 kHz or 1 kHz depending on which you toggle to).

To check voltage, dial your multimeter to the “V” with dotted and one solid line over the dots = DC voltage. Do not use the “V” with a wavy line over it = AC voltage. (NOTE: The Hulda Clark Zapper has a 50% duty cycle so the voltage output should read about 4.5 volts on a fresh 9-volt battery.)

Are these waterproof? The Hulda Clark Zapper and North Pole Speaker Box are splash-proof, but should not be immersed in water.

Do you carry wristbands? No. Hulda Clark did not approve of them. Because our Zapper is made exactly to Dr. Clark's published designs, we adhere to the use of highly conductive copper pipes as handholds.

"Although wrist straps are convenient, not enough research has been done to accurately compare effectiveness with the tubular design of electrodes... A person should use the copper tube electrodes, of correct dimension, correctly placed, and not risk poor conductance."

- an excerpt from Dr. Hulda Clark's 2003 update on zapping

Which zapper should I get? Over the years we have sold several different brands of Hulda Clark Zappers. When we were deciding on which brand to offer our customers, we chose the device closest to Dr. Hulda Clark's published design and specifications. Too many other zapper designs seem over-complicated or had too many modifications from her original published schematic:

If you would like to follow the published experiments described in Dr. Clark's books, the Frequency Generation brand Zapper is a great choice. It has been tested rigorously to guarantee positive offset square wave frequency output, with no negative spikes, as specified in Hulda Clark's books.

Why a 9 volt battery? Can't I plug it into a wall adapter? There are zappers that have 9 or 12 volt AC adapters, but Dr. Clark insisted on the use of a 9-volt DC battery, and to NOT use an AC adapter for safety reasons. A more economical and environmentally friendly option is to purchase rechargable 9-volt batteries and a Battery Charger.

Do I need a zapper that emits all of the frequencies in Hulda Clark's frequency list? No. Hulda Clark began her research selectively zapping individual frequencies one at a time but discovered later that the positive offset square wave produces a range of harmonic frequencies which accomplished the same task all at once. The positive offset square wave made her earlier work of using specific frequencies obsolete. Hulda Clark designed her 30 kHz zapper circuit based on comfort to the user and the 1 kHz based on what broadcasts strongest through the North Pole Speaker. Her books still contain the variable frequency list from her earlier research so that future scientists can replicate her journey, but Hulda Clark's true innovation is simplifying the previously large complicated devices made by her predecessors and bringing us a portable easy to use Zapper for home use.

Can I use the Food Zappicator to zappicate teeth or any other part of my body? Yes. Make sure you have no metal dentistry or jewelry in the area of your body you are zappicating. Hold the face of the North Pole Speaker Box (connected to the Zapper unit turned on at 1 kHz) against the part of your body you would like to target. Treat for a minimum of 15 minutes.

What about parasites, viruses, & bacteria? Will this help with...? There are a lot of politics and laws about what a merchant can state when selling experimental devices such as a Hulda Clark Zapper. Let us try to explain.

Because Dr. Clark does not manufacture Zappers or nutritional supplements, she can state whatever she believes in the books she publishes. It is considered free speech. Although her research and experiments have benefitted hundreds of people over the years, the Hulda Clark Zapper has not been evaluated by the US FDA. Without a double-blind study approved by the FDA, any claims that the Hulda Clark Zapper kills parasites, viruses, and bacteria are considered unsubstantiated.

Here in the US, merchants who make unsubstantiated claims are committing a big offense. Many zapper manufacturers have been put through costly legal action because of advertising such claims.

As merchants, we cannot make any statement that can be construed as medical claims or medical advice. When purchasing a Hulda Clark Zapper, we recommend avoiding any merchant or company that makes these or other unsubstantiated claims. It's just a matter of time for the FDA and FTC to catch up with them. If you want to purchase from a business that will be there for years to come, be sure to shop from a site that is not breaking these simple laws.

Every body is different and reacts to the Hulda Clark Zapper in different ways based on unique conditions and environment. Some people report immediate results. Others take longer to observe improvements in their wellbeing. Combine zapping with herbal cleanses and lifestyle cleanups for best results. Read a book by Hulda Clark for more information.

Is there a guarantee or a warranty? Yes, we have the most generous guarantee and warranty in the industry. We have a 1-year satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If, after using the Hulda Clark Zapper for one year, you find that it has not improved your life in any way, return the zapper unit, copper pipes, cables, and a copy of your invoice for a full refund (shipping not included).

We also offer a lifetime repair warranty on the electronic craftsmanship of the Hulda Clark Zapper unit. If we cannot repair it, we will replace it. Warranty does not include wear and tear on the copper handles, cables, and 9-volt battery.

Can I get replacement parts? Yes, you can get replacement copper handles and red/black leads.

Can I build my own Zapper? Yes, it's easy to build your own zapper. If you have a few basic tools and consider yourself to be handy, building a zapper will be great fun for learners of all ages. Handmade zappers also make great gifts. Watch video instructions to build a Hulda Clark Zapper and Accessories.

Who shouldn't zap? People who wear an electronic pacemaker, any frequency-based cardiac device, or a cochlear implant should not use the Hulda Clark Zapper. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not zap or do any herbal cleanses. These situations have not yet been explored.

Can I zap in the hospital? Please inform the hospital staff before using the Hulda Clark Zapper, because it may interfere with monitoring systems.