Positive Offset Square Wave Clark Zapper

The Clark Zapper has not been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration as a medical device for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. The Clark Zapper can only be sold as an experimental device. If you are pregnant or wearing an electronic pacemaker, please do not experiment with a Clark Zapper. All information is for educational purposes only. Consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program. Dr. Hulda Clark defines a Zapper as any unit that generates a positive offset frequency between 10 Hz and 500,000 Hz using a 9-volt battery. For more information on how to build and use a Clark Zapper, please read the books by Dr. Hulda Clark.

Food Zappicator

Connect the Dual Frequency Zapper to a North Pole Speaker Box

Food Zappicator

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The Food Zappicator is a revolutionary addition to food preparation, especially for uncooked foods like green salads, fruit and drinking water.

Setting up a Food ZappicatorNorth Pole Speaker. Dr. Hulda Clark defines a North Pole Speaker as a magnetic speaker that attracts a compass' North to its face. Speaker is 2 inches (50 mm) in diameter and rated at 8 ohms. Speakers are tested for polarity and magnetic strength.

Solid ABS Plastic Box. The North Pole Speaker is built into a smooth solid ABS plastic box, making it lightweight but sturdy enough to hold a plate of food, a glass pitcher, or a bag of groceries. Durable construction for daily use on a level kitchen counter. No holes on the surface keeps liquids and food particles off the electronic components. North Pole Speaker Box is sealed permanently to avoid ferous metal screws that would interfere with polarity. Measures 9.5 x 6.5 inches, 1.5 inch tall.

Durable Red Banana to Banana Lead. Connects the North Pole Speaker box to the red (positive) banana port on the Dual Frequency Zapper at 1 kHz setting. Cable is color coded to make it easy to remember which port to plug it into. Dual Frequency Zapper is sold separately.

North Pole Speaker Box

Important: Keep off metal shelves or tables. Use only nonmetal containers when zappicating. Remember to remove all metal caps off jars and bottles. HDPE Containers are recommended for food storage.Compass Test

The N on a compass will be attracted to the topTest the North Pole Speaker with a Compass. Because a magnet can change polarity if heated or dropped, test your North Pole Speaker Box before each use. Tip the Speaker Box on its side, hold the compass near the center of the top. The N on the compass should be attracted to the Speaker Box's top surface. Compass is included for convenience.


North Pole Speaker Box includes:

North Pole Speaker Box
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