Positive Offset Square Wave Clark Zapper

The Clark Zapper has not been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration as a medical device for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. The Clark Zapper can only be sold as an experimental device. If you are pregnant or wearing an electronic pacemaker, please do not experiment with a Clark Zapper. All information is for educational purposes only. Consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program. Dr. Hulda Clark defines a Zapper as any unit that generates a positive offset frequency between 10 Hz and 500,000 Hz using a 9-volt battery. For more information on how to build and use a Clark Zapper, please read the books by Dr. Hulda Clark.

Plate Zapper

Connect the Dual Frequency Zapper set at 30 kHz to the Zap Plate

Plate Zapper

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The Plate Zapper takes zapping further up a notch. Follow experiments published in Dr. Hulda Clark's latest books using the Dual Frequency Zapper's 30 kHz function paired up with a Zap Plate.

Smooth Aluminum Plates. Each Zap Plate begins with a pair of aluminum plates cut 3.5 inches square and set in a vibration table until the edges are deburred and polished smooth.

Durable enclosure. The aluminum plates are bolted on ABS plastic, the standard in electronic enclosures. This durable plastic box measures 9.5 x 6.25 and is 1 inch thick.

Double-stacking Banana Leads. The Zap Plate comes with 2 short stacking banana leads, 2 long stacking banana leads and an alligator clip converter. These stacking banana leads make sure you have all the possible connections you need to perform Hulda Clark's published experiments in Plate Zapping.

zap plate

Make Bottle Copies and Homeographic Drops

Connect the Dual Frequency Zapper set at 30 kHz to the Zap Plate

Bottle Copies and Homeographic Drops

Use the Zap Plate to also make Hulda Clark Bottle Copies and Homeographic Drops as described in Dr. Clark's latest books. Connect the red positive output of the Dual Frequency Zapper set at 30 kHz to a single plate to imprint water as described by Dr. Hulda Clark. Full details and instructions for making Bottle Copies and Homeographic Drops are found in the latest books by Hulda Clark. Bottles and science slides sold separately.

Zap Plate includes:

Zap Plate
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